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Martin Enzenhoefer
Your MX WORLD Partner is: Martin Enzenhoefer


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We have multiple SUCCESS SYSTEMS created in house by our founder James Lee Valentine to help our members make positive transformations in their lives personally and financially and in their business.


Do you want your own home business to generate extra income for you? You may choose from our range of MILLIONAIREX business programs which have been online every day since May 2011.


We developed a unique and sophisticated yet EASY TO USE advertising platform that allows our members to advertise their products and services but which lets them also earn from their online promotional activities.


Our members have access to an innovative range of technologically advanced resources specially designed to help MAXIMIZE their online endeavors. Greater productivity equals greater success equals greater profitability.


Become a member of MX WORLD and you can choose from a selection of empowering products, all written and produced in house, and all free of charge, for you to use in your quest for positive life transformation.


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MX WORLD Empowerment For Life

James Lee Valentine has spent the last two decades of his life creating what he terms SUCCESS SYSTEMS that are designed to empower the lives of people on a global scale. James started in 1996 writing self-improvement and personal empowerment books, authoring over sixty titles that have so far been published in some 15 countries worldwide.

James later created an inspiring array of videos and audios in the POWER and MILLIONAIRE series. After that, James turned his attention to online-based platforms because he believes that through the power of the internet he can impact the lives of literally millions of people in a positive and life transforming way.

Every one of the most important systems that James has produced during the past 20 years are available for our members here at MX WORLD. Some are daily lessons that teach the fundamentals of a more successful life, while others are weekly or annual coaching for those people that desire the greatest positive changes. Others still are more focused on helping create financial wellbeing as most people want to earn more money, lots more money.

Here we have the MILLIONAIREX programs of James, which are designed to empower people financially through the home business opportunities that start at just twenty dollars joining fee, up to hundreds of dollars for the people that desire to earn substantial incomes. All of these MILLIONAIREX programs include personal empowerment products, which James created himself for the complete wellbeing of people from all demographics.

MX WORLD is the exclusive gateway for our unique and innovative ADVERTISING PLATFORM which helps our members to promote existing businesses and attract new customers, as well as offering substantial income streams for the active members. Our advertising platform is a sophisticated online enterprise, one well worth investigating by people who want to earn a residual income for themselves.


We also offer a RESOURCE CENTER for those of our members that require more technologically advanced tools and products to help them increase the number of visitors to their own websites or promote any type of online business. All of these resources can be termed BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT as the objective is to maximize online exposure and increase revenue generation.

Once a person has registered, at no cost, to become a member of MX WORLD, this person can access a myriad variety of personal empowerment books, audios, videos and personal development materials, all authored by James Lee Valentine. And all of these GIFTS FROM JAMES can be accessed free of charge by those people who just want to take themselves on a journey of self-improvement.

Motto of James:
"We build you... so that you can build your fortune!"


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MX WORLD Business Made Easy

Our personal empowerment philosophy products are easily accessed from any computer. Likewise our home business are such that anyone can build --- easily, globally, profitably --- and attain a successful lifestyle by introducing the MILLIONAIREX programs to enthusiastic individuals who likewise desire positive life transformation and increased financial wellbeing.


You can earn a substantial income from home, in your spare time! Utilizing our easy-to-follow business system, you can earn a substantial income by introducing the MX WORLD platform to other people, who also follow our effective wealth building system.


MX WORLD allows you to build your business in more than 200 countries. All members of MX WORLD receive a FREE US$ Business Center with which to build a global income. With more than two billion people online worldwide on a regular basis, you can literally find people anywhere to join your empowering network.

Happy Business


How simple can this business get? Well, this is all you need to start:

  • Internet access via computer or mobile device.
  • Strong desire for self-improvement and increased wealth.

  • Matrixes

    You can join any of our MILLIONAIREX home business programs after you register at MX WORLD


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    MX WORLD Advertising Made Profitable

    Use the MX WORLD advertising platform to drive new members to your existing business or find new prospects and customers!


    You can promote your business, services, products, affiliatelinks and blogs using language-targeted banners, textads, PTC-ads, login-ads and logout-ads, videos and innovative "Millionaire Ads". We are servicing your ads very fast and in an effective way.


    You can earn Referral Commissions of up to 20% on 3 levels when you bring new customers into your advertising business. Plus you can earn 100% Matching Bonus on the PTC clicks of your customers. Yes you can earn in multiple ways using our advertising platform.


    You can receive large activity discounts on your own advertising purchases plus you can avail of promotional bonuses and even win extra advertising packages to promote your business. With MX WORLD it is a win-win situation for our members and their customers.


    MX WORLD Advertisement Statistics

    Banner ads
    Our BANNER ADS are separated into three different sizes and two methods of promotion. You can use BANNER IMPRESSIONS or you can have TIME FIXED BANNERS on our website.
    Login/out ads
    When logging in, members must watch a LOGIN AD and after logging out they will see a LOGOUT AD. Both advertisements are highly effective, as they can be targeted to a specific language demographic. This means you get more real visitors and greater results on whatever websites you promote.
    PTC Ads
    You can get more real visitors to your website with PTC Ads. Those ads are extremely popular because our members earn extra money to watch them. There is also a 100% MATCHING BONUS for the sponsors on PTC Ads. That is why more and more members are inviting more and more people to MX WORLD. It is a win-win for everyone.
    Clicks On Active Banners359,491
    Clicks On Active Text ads68,055
    Served Website Visits (Millionaire Ads)46,035,580

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    MX WORLD Resources For Maximum Success

    MX WORLD helps people to promote their business or products to thousends of people. Good promotions attract visitors to a webshop, blog or an affiliate website with digital products. Therefore we have some exclusive products for our members to help them arranging their promotion-campaigns. Premium graphics, premium landingpages, newsletter-systems, widgets and snipplets for blogs, plugins and many, many tools that make the lifes of our businessmen and - women easier.

    MX WORLD wants to change people's lifes in many areas of life. On our Onlineshop our members can buy daily-needed things, like casual clothes, mousepads or coffecups. Members can show their improived livestyle wearing our shirts and jackets for example. We are building a huge brand to ignite the desire to be successful in life.

    We are using modern social media communication with standards like facebook, instagram and other platforms to inspire people for a better life.
    MX WORLD has thousands of members on their facebook groups and this allows our members to get the latest news about the company. Our social face-to-face communication is available for every member of MX WORLD.

    MX WORLD Online Payment Processors


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