About our Founder - James Lee Valentine

James Lee Valentine is simply a Man of Power!

The effervescent James Lee Valentine is promoted as an Empowering Author Extraordinaire. Originally from England, but now based full-time in South East Asia, he is also a dynamic and exciting seminar speaker, and creator of the MX family of financial mastery and personal empowerment home businesses.

As Danny Narceda, VP for Human Resources, Southern Energy Corporation, enthused after attending a James Lee Valentine event, “I have attended similar seminars in the past and have read hundreds of books on the subject, but I can truly say that nothing has inspired me to really take action as much as your seminar.”

Starting with his first book in 1996, James has authored more than sixty books based on his own unique mix of inspiration, empowerment and personal development. His series of books have so far been published in fifteen countries worldwide --- Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Malaysia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Vietnam, Israel, Russia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Egypt --- and soon to be published in several other countries.

For James, writing empowering books and conducting inspiring seminars are his joy in life. He always makes the best investment he can of words and wisdom, heart and soul, spirit and time, and energy and enthusiasm. He aims to make a real difference in this world through the 'MILLIONAIRE' and 'POWER' series of books, seminars and personal development tools that he has so far developed and will continue to create.

Esther Magleo about James

Esther Magleo, President of Unioil, Inc., had these enthusiastic words to say about James Lee Valentine, “Your disposition is so contagious. Now, I look at every day as a new beginning, a birthday celebration just like what you taught us.”

James' Mission

James has an unquenchable passion for life and an incredible desire to experience life fully. His commitment is to design and live a life that works so well, all who see it are moved toward the attainment of maximum health, wealth, wisdom and happiness for their own lives too.


James is the founder of the MillionaireX online programs which offer success systems that provide powerful financial mastery and personal empowerment resources. These home businesses are the answer for all people who desire to attain greater financial success and personal empowerment.

James gives you his personal commitment
as he wants you to be successful too!

It is my desire that your life's dreams manifest for you. just as mine are manifesting for me. With the 'success systems' avaialble for you here at MX.World, I feel confident that I can show you how to become more prosperous and be healthier and wiser and happier... all at the same.

You have my personal commitment in that I have put more than two decades of my most earnest effort into writing and creating the multitude of empowering and success-creating materials that constitute the MillionaireX personal improvement platforms, starting from 1996 when I wrote the first word of my first published book.

MX.World has been created to assist you on your journey to success. It is not the ultimate answer to your life's hopes and ambitions, but it is an empowering stepping stone in the right direction. Yes, we are giving our best endeavors to help you attain the lifestyle that you belive you deserve to have.

Please remember to always say yes to success ... and I will see you somewhere in the world soon.

More power to you for a fabolus life.

Enthusiastically yours,

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